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However, there are, a couple of disadvantages which come about because of tablet computer's beautiful color display screens. First off, back-lit color display screens need quite a bit more power. The end result is that tablets will only operate for a few hours between battery charges. The second problem is that, as mentioned earlier, tablet computer display screens are back-lit. That may be perfect for surfing the web, playing games, watching videos etc. - but it's not very good if you wish to look at text. If you only wish to read for a brief duration, then it's quite possibly tolerable. Nevertheless, reading on a back-lit screen is similar to reading with a light shining right in your eyes. It is not very pleasant - and if you do it for any length of time you may end up with eye strain, or quite possibly even a sore head.

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By way of illustration, about a fortnight after I got my first e-reader, there was a loud sound at the front door one morning. It was a great big paperback by one of my very favourite authors. I had advance ordered it weeks earlier and then forgotten all about it. I still enjoyed reading it of course-- but I did find myself wishing that I had had the forethought to cancel the purchase order of the physical book and switch it for an e-book. It really was a chunky tome and, after just a fortnight of e-reader use, I most definitely felt that it was an awkward, slightly old fashioned, way to read. Actually, that book is possibly the last physical book that I've bought for myself. It has e-books all the way for many years now.

Taking everything into consideration, I'm a massive fan of e-readers and digital publishing. I believe that they are generating the most significant development in the manner in which we read since Gutenberg created the printing press in the early part of the 15th century. Electronic publishing offers countless advantages that it's problematic to comprehend why there are some people who still stick to conventional books (tree books) -- or "real" books as a number of individuals still consider them.

In the event that you have not used an e-reader yet, take one for a bit of a test drive. You'll be more than happy at all the different advantages that they are able to provide.

On the first occasion that I happened upon e-book readers, I was convinced that I had come across the perfect piece of kit for me. Reading has ever been one of my very favorite passions and I also travel on a regular basis. The potential to tote great numbers of books with me in a tiny, featherweight, piece of kit was perfect. And the added possibility that I could browse the web, select a new electronic book and download it to my e-reader in barely sixty seconds was another huge bonus. I could get myself a new e-book instantaneously - at any hour of the day.

My first encounter with e-readers arrived in the form of the very fist Amazon Kindle reader, which initially hit the market back in November of 2007. E-readers have definitely been improved a great deal over the years, but even back then, the e-ink displays furnished a terrific reading experience.

They were, and still are, a very much better method of reading than using a back-lit computer monitor. E-ink display screens are, in my opinion, as near to reading text printed on paper as to make no difference. E-ink technology display screens also use a very small amount of energy. They will last for weeks between charges, so there is zero risk of running out of energy and finding yourself with nothing to read.

Among the things that I especially like about dedicated e-readers is the e-ink display. These are very much more pleasing to read on than a back-lit computer display. Reading on using a back-lit screen is like attempting to read when someone is shining a light in your eyes. Reading on an e-ink screen is as near to reading printed text as to make no difference. In fact, when you have been reading on a reader for even an hour or two, you will not even be aware that you are using it.

Certainly I was included in the target market for these devices. I just adored them-- and I still do. Actually, I must confess that I may have gotten just a little evangelical concerning the topic.

Several of my buddies are also keen readers; we would quite often switch finished books and make suggestions to each other. I determined to give them my good news about the fantastic new device I had stumbled upon. Nevertheless, I was actually, to put it mildly, more than just a bit dumbfounded at the degree of indifference which several dedicated book aficionados seemed to display to e-readers. One or two of my bookish friends were thoroughly disparaging on the subject of e-readers.

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The downside of e-ink technology displays is the fact that they are, for the timebeing at any rate, grayscale only and have a sluggish refresh rate. As a result, e-readers are virtually useless when it comes to watching videos, gaming or surfing the net. To be fair, some of them possess very basic web browsers - but these are rather basic.

They are, by and large, downright awkward as a matter of fact. A number of e-readers can also send and receive e-mails, although this also tends to be a relatively unsophisticated interface. Even so, if it was the only option available, that might come in handy. Obviously, all of these negatives may not be insurmountable problems for you if all that you would like to do is to read books.

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