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Some golf training aids appear like something straight out of a chamber of horrors. There are all sorts of devices that can be worn, strapped on, clipped in etc. They do sometimes look more than a little bit strange, but most golfers don't care in the least if it can assist them to boost their game.

At the other extreme, many golfing aids are closer to something from a James Bond film. The choice of rangefinders is especially advanced. The two main versions are gps rangefinders and laser rangefinders. Laser rangefinders are normally considered to be a little bit more precise, but they do really need you to have a clear line of vision to wherever you're planning to play your next stroke. The gps types are most likely a little more effective if you're playing a blind hole, or if you have the misfortune to be stuck in the middle of the woods trying to find your way back out to the short grass.

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One of the fascinating things about golf is that, unlike many other sports, it is not carried out on a precisely prescribed pitch or field. Every single golf course is unique, both in terms of distance and terrain. A lot of golfers really enjoy playing as many different courses as they are able. The variation is virtually unlimited and augments the entertainment of the game. Golfing enthusiasts who are in the habit of enjoying new and previously unfamiliar courses may perhaps consider a rangefinder as being a useful supplement to their equipment. You most likely come across two main sorts, satellite and laser based. The laser type of rangefinder is normally reckoned to be the more accurate of the two. Having said that, a gps based rangefinder could be a better choice if there is not a clear line of sight to the next target - on blind or dog-leg holes for instance. The satellite style of rangefinders normally come along with thousands of different courses already loaded into them, so they are just the thing for any golf enthusiast who likes to play lots of different courses.

A personalized offering is usually a great idea - and if you're shopping for a little something for a golfer, then there's absolutely no shortage of possibilities readily available for you to pick from. Modern-day print methods make it straightforward to imprint a name or initials on even small items such as golf tees. You could also have something suitable embroidered or printed onto golf visors, polo shirts or golf towels if you like. Another fantastic gift selection, which any golfer will be happy to receive, is a container of golf balls. You can have a name, initials, or perhaps a custom logo design, printed upon these, so there will be no problem working out which ball belongs to which golfer. If you wish something that will last longer, you can buy specially produced golf ball stamps which allow golfers to put their initials onto standard golf balls. These look a little bit like nutcrackers and are very simple to use.

One of the great aspects of golf is the fact that it is one of very few ball games that is not performed on a "regular" playing field or pitch. Aside from the fact that golf courses usually have 18 holes, the variety is virtually endless and the course designer may have a field day. The length of every single hole can vary, as can the length of the entire course. Likewise the terrain can vary extensively, from rolling countryside to flat and sandy seaside courses - also called "links". It means that golf fans can indulge in lots of fun trying out different courses and will certainly never lack for variety.

If you are looking for a present for a golf enthusiast then you are absolutely spoiled for choice. Golfing enthusiasts totally adore just about anything which will assist them to shave a shot or two off their round. There really seems to be no end the quantity of golf aids available on the market, and they vary between gadgets which cost just a few dollars to high tech gizmos which will set you back several hundred bucks. Lovers of golf don't really care very much about the cost of course. If a simple, but useful, device will assist them to gain a few yards off the tee then the fact that it costs under $10 is off the subject. Likewise, investing more than $100 on a new design of wedge that will allow them to get out of the sand first time, every time, is deemed to be more of a discerning investment than an extravagant outlay.

Some golf fans take the game rather seriously, but that does not mean that golfers don't retain a sense of fun. There are any number of golf themed gags - and you can buy a lot of amusing gifts for golfers. Detonating golf balls are always popular - and other trick balls can be found. Just like the majority of golf related gift items, prices start at under a ten dollars and go all the way up. You can choose gimmick tees, talking club head covers, amusing golfing tee shirts and all kinds of other things. There are also a number of golf gifts which may be used off the course, mouse mats, coffee mugs, plaques with droll slogans on them, that sort of thing. The key thing to bear in mind is that golf enthusiasts are always thinking of golf - even when they are not actually playing it.

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