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Why after you have come to terms with the fact your girlfriend left you, it's now time to lay low and consider what occurred. This doesn't mean you mope and sulk. It is time for you to mull things over and think of why the break up happened in the first place. It's true that you don't have the power to go back into the past and alter it, but the power to change the future does rest with you. You have to think deep and discover out what drove her away. It's highly likely that there were signs just before you broke up. She may have said something, tried to communicate with you or may have been saying things for some time, but you chose to dismiss her. Now you've got time on your hands so think about everything she said. There could be several factors that led to her walking out and it might have been slow.

It is also possible that there was one particular event or action that sent her raging out the doorway. You can only make amends when you understand what went wrong.

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Are you finding it difficult to get over the heartbreak and pain related to your breakup? Do you want to get your ex girlfriend back in your lifetime? Most people give up instantly since they believe that it's impossible to achieve that. Nonetheless, they need to know that all separations are reversible, however they should be clear on one thing; it's no walk in the park. As a matter of fact, having your ex-girlfriend back is confronting, challenging and extremely demanding.

It needs you to push your limits and have endless patience. Should you truly love her, it does not matter. You'll be ready to do everything and anything in your power to get your girl before anyone else does.

Learn that new language, play the guitar or join the fitness center. Any of these efforts are intended for self improvement and they will give your confidence a boost. That is not all however.

She'll get to see that you are cultured and have interesting actions. True, you might not feel like doing any such thing, but I'll make you a lot more appealing to her and she will be drawn to you. Ensure that it stays casual. No heavy-duty stuff should be mentioned as this will do nothing, but drive her away. Act as though you are meeting a friend like opting for lunch or having coffee. This may definitely give her the feeling which you aren't interested in her sexually as she'll automatically feel safe.

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Show her that you have a life and that you're having fun. This tells her that you are powerful and she'll have the ability to recall the things that brought her to you in the first place. But, having interesting does not mean drinking a lot or partying because this would make them look pathetic. Be assured and she will undoubtedly detect. Leave it at least for two weeks. Don't make the mistake of performing distressed and overly destitute.

It'll not help your case. You have to keep your cards close to your chest and leave her be for at least 2 weeks. If you want to, delete her number and block her on with any online contacts you had with her.

BAM as time to go in. Show her that you learnt from her words. She must see the changes you have made with her own eyes to be able to believe in them. This will humble her because she is going to understand that she means a great deal to you and you value her opinion. Tell her how you're feeling. It's time to make a gesture so make the grandest one of all, if you believe you're ready ie.

propose to her. If not, you can still ask her to give it a shot again in a romantic way. Odds are that she was already considering doing so and she will promptly take.

Make her feel important. Tell her how hard it is mainly for you to live without her. Compare the stages of your life ie. life with her and without her. Show her how she impacts your life. Communication is the key here as she must understand that she really does mean a lot to you and you're sincere in your desire to have her back. You can even proceed to the extent of writing her a love letter, particularly when she's a words person.

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